Our Story

TSE (pronounced "say") was founded in 1989 with the intention of redefining the use of cashmere and altering the perception that luxury has to be traditional. Recognizing the potential of the yarn, TSE began to manipulate the material in unconventional ways. The brand has become a leader in taking a modern approach to cashmere by exploring the possibilities of the fiber and expanding the collections into a complete expression of modern dressing.
Known for its attention to detail and high quality production standards, TSE has created a true simple luxury and continues to transform the yarn into new and original designs each season. TSE has worked with a variety of industry greats including photographers Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, and Richard Avedon as well as legendary stylists Lori Goldstein and Paul Cavaco. The fashion house was an early adopter and previous employer of major fashion icons including Narcisco Rodriquez, Victor Alfaro, and Hussein Chalayan early in their careers. The design house continues to attract quality talent with the ability to continue
TSE’s exploration of the fiber in unique, original ways. Cashmere is a luxury fiber obtained from the belly of cashmere goats and used to produce high quality, durable products. Every season, the finest cashmere is combed from goats of Mongolia's rocky high desert in northwest Chin known to produce the world's softest and most desirable fibers. Owning our own goats and factories allows us to establish a strong relationship throughout design and production process.
TSE is committed to using the highest quality of yarns and innovative techniques to set us apart from other brands and resources. No products are mass-produced and every step of the design process has been specialized to focus on detail and craftsmanship. TSE has made itself recognized as a visionary in the use of cashmere and aims to continue to explore the uses of the cashmere fiber and other luxury yarns. With locations internationally, TSE stores provide a physical space to express the lifestyle of the brand, showcasing unique luxury items in the purest of environments. TSE has succeeded in making cashmere a modern lifestyle and TSE stores offer customers an expression of this modernism. Seasonal collections are currently available at tsecashmere.com, specialty and department stores, and freestanding TSE stores worldwide.
TSE draws inspiration each season from a variety of sources and continues to evolve alongside today’s rapidly changing trends and market demands.