Cashmere Care

- Wash by hand in room temperature water with a gentle detergent or cashmere shampoo
- Turn garment inside out and submerge it, working water through the knit in a circular motion
- Soak the garment for 2 - 5 minutes (if you see color being released into the water, don’t freak out, we promise this is normal)
- Avoid using a washing machine, fabric softeners, or any product  containing bleach – these will remove the natural oil in the fibers and alter the color you fell in love with
- Continue to rinse the garment until all soap clears
- After rinsing, gently roll up in a towel to remove any leftover H20;  continue to repeat as needed
- Lay flat on a towel in garment’s natural shape to maintain original fit
- Do not twist or wring the garment and avoid unnecessary exposure to sun; this can affect the color of the garment.
- Neatly fold your garment and store it flat; this is the best way to maintain its shape and fit.
- If possible, avoid hanging items or limit hanging time.
- Protect your cashmere by sealing it in a breathable bag with zip closure to keep unwanted creatures (aka moths) away.
- Cedar blocks or lavender/rosemary sachets are recommended to help keep moths out of your business.
- Air out for 24 hours between wearing
- Continue hand washing cashmere for best results
- Washing your garments too regularly can lead to excessive pilling
- To remove pills, use a cashmere comb to gently brush the affected area
- Use a steamer to remove creasing; avoid ironing or direct heat  to the surface
- Heavier garments (coats and hand knits) might be difficult to hand wash, so dry cleaning becomes an acceptable alternative.