TSE is pivoting towards a movement of high end sustainable fashion where the objective is to foster change within our production environment in order to move towards greater ecological integrity and social responsibility.

The recycled cashmere we are utilizing is pre-consumer salvaged fibers that are collected from our production process of virgin cashmere. This is proven to be the highest quality of recycled cashmere, given its free from all forms of microbial impurities, as well as chemicals and pollutants because it is collected in its most natural form.

From this we have created a unique combination of both pure & recycled cashmere. This special blend results in an illustrious, velvety soft hand feel, with garments that will conform and melt to your body.

This is highlighted in our TSEsustainable Capsule Collection, which is a modern yet refined unisex line that is fashionably timeless, soft and athletically-tailored. The ultimate in leisurewear

Through this innovated process we want to create a system which results in a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional processes. This means better farming practices, using less water and fewer chemicals, all whilst providing an identical or superior quality than our conventionally produced cashmere.

Limited resources demand we rethink the ways in which we live. Aside from creating luxury, our goal is to build a future where we maximize the reuse of materials to its highest potential, both helping our ecosystem while innovating without compromise.